For a medium to large sized treasury having a large quantum of inflows/outflows, money market trades and derivative transactions, automation of business workflow is crucial as is the adherence to internal risk management policies. The CFO and head of treasury would like to view the financial health of the company, net open positions, cashflow forecasts in future, liquidity gaps etc. at a click of a button. Over the years, every client has developed their own management philosophy and expects that any platform includes a lot of these ideas. Moreover the client expects that the system interfaces with the existing ERP systems, like SAP/Oracle where a large chunk of business data is already recorded. BEACON is a tailor made solution to fit into all these requirements
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Typical problems with treasury

  • Handling large volume of transactions
    • Imports/Exports
    • Commodity contracts
    • Capital Expense items
    • Letters of Credit
    • Short terms loans / commercial paper
    • Overseas borrowings
    • Bill acceptance/discounting
  • Lack of quick reporting and aggregation of data
  • Cost of delayed decision making, owing to increased volatilities
  • Adherence to internal risk management policies
  • Wasted time involved in documentation and compliance related issues

InsightCORP © offers

  • Easy interface with core ERP like SAP/ORACLE
  • One platform for booking, managing and settlement of all treasury trades
  • Automated report generation with easy dashboards for senior management
  • Automatic letter generation, documentation and compliance related reports
  • Alerts based on internal risk limits, regulatory limits and risk management policy
  • Derivative accounting under latest FAS/IFRS standards
  • Complete audit trail of every trade booked, modified and settled on the system
  • Easy import and export option into MS EXCEL format