Automated Form Filler

Automated Form Filler

Automated Form Filler

Filling a web form manually containing multiple options to select is a redundant process. A similar problem has been encountered at one of our clients which have been solved by using Sheetkraft considerably, saving a lot of manual effort for the stakeholders.

Problem Statement:

Research report(s) prepared by the equity research team were uploaded to the company’s knowledge management system which acts as a central repository to make business-related decisions.

There is a resource dedicated to doing this job of uploading research reports without any fail.

Before Sheetkraft:

The Process can be broken down into 3 parts:

  1. A member of the equity research team prepares the reports and sends the mail to the resource who is responsible for uploading the reports.
  2. The resource creates a new form on that website, the details required to fill the form is identified by the subject line of the mail.
  3. All the details are filled and the form is saved on the website.

This can simply understand by the flow chart as shown below:

After Sheetkraft:

An automated solution has been created with Sheetkraft which substitutes and eliminates the manual intervention for web form filling.

Now the user just has to send a mail to the generic mail id with a subject line following a set of rules to identify the components required to read the mails and the components required for form filling.

Sheetkraft identifies the mails received from the various members of the Research team, breakdown the components, identify them and fill the form. The response on the website is sent back to the sender of the previous mail.

This can simply be understood by the flow chart as shown below:

Impact of Automating with Sheetkraft:

Sheetkraft has automated this entire workflow in the backend on the server where there is continuous monitoring of incoming mails of research reports to the generic email id. Now the Research team simply has to send a mail and wait for the response mail thereby reducing the entire resource cost, manual efforts and errors.

On average it takes 3 minutes for 1 mail to complete the end to end process. The solution provided by the Sheetkraft team has greatly been reduced to as low as 1 second to fulfil the task. The resource generally receives a range of 10-20 mails per business day. Additionally, the risk of erroneous data in the form is reduced.

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