SI ECS Status Tracker

SI ECS Status Tracker

SI ECS Status Tracker


A Standing Instruction (SI) is an authorization which a life insurance policyholder provides to their payment vendor to pay a set amount (the policy premium) at regular intervals to the insurance company’s account. The payment vendor does this through an Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) which is a mode of bulk electronic funds transfer.

A centralized database tracking the current status of the SI ECS facility (the list of policy owners availing the facility, those who have deactivated it, those who have applied to activate it) has been created at a major life insurance company with the help of SheetKraft.


  • The life insurance company has 13 payment vendor partners which facilitate the premium payments of 30-40 lakh policies.
  • Manually keeping a track of this humongous dataset and ensuring that it remains up to date is a tedious task.


  • Fetching and massaging of data from the 13 vendor files to create a common dataset.
  • Validation of the data to ensure that no erroneous or duplicate data is stored.
  • Mapping the latest status (Active, Deactivated, WIP, Rejected) for each policy and storing it in a database table.
  • Creating status-wise reports by fetching updated data from the centralized database basis user input policy number or account number.

Impact of SheetKraft

  • Maintenance of a centralized database to track the latest SI ECS status.
  • Ensuring that statuses for all policies are always correct and updated as per the vendor records.
  • Creation of a user-friendly console so that the latest details of any policy can be viewed on-demand.

Reduction in time taken to respond to ad hoc queries from ~45 hours/week to ~3 hours/week

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